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My Little Sister is Married!!

September 28, 2015

This past weekend, my little sister Shana married the love of her life, Ben. The wedding was gorgeous, held at Minneapolis Event Centers. It was an outdoor wedding on an absolutely beautiful day!!

The Groom's Dinner was held on the Else Warehouse rooftop, and the food was catered in from a local food truck. The next day, we took over the bridal suite in our new satin robes and bridesmaid socks, while we got our hair and makeup done in preparation for the evening's events.

Shana made the most stunning bride I've ever seen, and we had a wonderful time. The Tim Sigler Band played at the reception, and was wonderful as always. Our brother, Dustin, even got on the mic to sing one of his favorite Garth Brooks songs! It was truly a magical night, and I am so happy for my little sister. She's off on her honeymoon right now, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't jealous!

My Poker Star

August 31, 2015

Ever since I've known Ben, he has had a strong love and skill for poker. He's introduced that love to me, and one of our favorite things to do is to watch poker on TV - WPT, WSOP, Alpha 8, and more. He taught me how to play, and I even kill time by playing online at times!

While I was off galavanting around Vegas, Ben was playing in a huge poker tournament at Canterbury. The tournament was part of a new TV series - Poker Night in America, The Tour. Poker Legend Phil Hellmeth even traveled to Minnesota to play in this huge tournament, along with a few local legends.

Ben made it to the final table and day 3 of the event. I was tracking him via twitter the entire plane ride home, as the playing field dwindled from 25 to 9. The last 5 remaining were at the "TV Table" this afternoon, which was streamed online and will be broadcasted on CBS Sports this coming January. I was able to be "on the rail" to watch and cheer Ben on during the entire day 3. A few of Ben's friends and his father joined me, so he had a pretty good cheering section. It was so much fun to be there!!

Ben ended up taking 3rd place, which was incredibly exciting!! It's so surreal that one night, we will be watching him play on TV the way we have watched so many others over the years. We're planning a watching party so that all of our friends can come watch with us. I'm so proud of my man - poker is truly a game of skill (with a little luck - the cards have to fall right!) and he continues to get better and better at his hobby. You just may see him playing at the TV table of WSOP this year!!

What Happens In Vegas

September 30, 2015

I just got back from a wonderful extended weekend in Vegas with Shana, my mom, and 9 of Shana's friends. We spent the weekend by the pool, going to awesome Vegas shows, and celebrating the bachelorette!

We stayed at MGM and took advantage of all that had to offer. We spent a day at Wet Republic (watching my mom dance while drinking a Bloody at a Vegas pool party was amazing!), rented a cabana another day, and spent a lot of time in the Vegas sun! We didn't gamble too much, but I did manage to win a little bit in blackjack before we headed back to Minnesota.

Can't wait for the rest of the wedding events!!

It's That Time Again...

August 19, 2015

I'm pretty bad at keeping up this website, or a blog for that matter. I have a million outlets on social media to post pictures, thoughts, and life happenings, so why do I need a website, too? I guess I don't. But, considering I've made a career out of this crazy thing called the World Wide Web, I guess why not?

So, here it is. The brand new Ambular.com. I'll try to update it more than the last!

This coming weekend is Farmfest, our annual Johnson family get-together at the Persson family "Farm." It's going to be a bit different this year, as the one year anniversary of Grandpa Bob's death just passed. We're going to miss him immensely, but I can't think of a better way to honor his memory than sitting around the campfire and telling Grandpa stories with those that knew him best. Other activities this year will include Farmfest Opening Ceremonies, a scotch class (hosted by Ben!), and the usual Lawn Game Olympics. I'm super blessed to have such an awesome extended family and am really looking forward to the weekend.

My Unbelievably Awesome Brother

August 18, 2015

People always tell you that you never know what is going to happen tomorrow, so make the most out of every day. It's one of those things that you're aware of, but until something happens to remind you of that, it's easy to get caught up in the everyday things that don't really matter.

My older brother, Dustin, was going about his normal routine 9 months ago when he had a seizure while driving. He came to in an ambulance on the way to the hospital, where a CT scan and subsequent MRI revealed a large brain tumor. Since that day, Dustin has had many tests, an awake craniotomy, intensive radiation, and multiple rounds of chemotherapy. The incredible thing about my brother is that he has faced any and all of these obstacles with his signature smile & infectious positive attitude.

Despite everything he is going through, Dustin is back to normal life - taking family vacations, attending concerts, working at his real estate business, spending time at the lake, planning Farmfest events, and running every day. He's an inspiration to everyone, and I couldn't be prouder that he is my brother.

If you'd like to follow Dustin's story, you can do so on his CaringBridge page that we keep updated with any relevant news. I hope that his positivity and outlook on life inspires you to be a better person, to tell your family that you love them, and to cherish every moment, like it does to me.

If you'd like to purchase a "Dust You Got 'Dis" t-shirt, please contact me. They are currently not in print, but if we have enough interest we can always set the campaign up again. All proceeds to go to help Dustin & Rachel with their medical bills.


I currently am back in downtown Minneapolis after a two-year hiatis in Hollywood, Florida. I enjoy spending time with my unbelievably awesome family, going on adventures with my (ridiculously good looking and -unny) boyfriend Ben, and reading the stories on the back of Chipotle cups.

I also have a bit of an obsession with the Minnesota Twins, anything and everything sparkly, Caribbean Cruises, Blackjack, DisneyWorld, shows made for 15 year olds, expensive wine, online shopping, and attempting to keep up pointless websites about myself.